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>> > **********************Is the world real?

>> The only way I can see this theory being possible is by matter actually being
>> made up of Photons, and thus no more "solid" than light. If a Photonic basis
>> is what matter is built from, then maybe different wavelengths/frequencies
>> interact well with eachother, to produce our universe, and other combination
>> produce other universes. In this way, "matter" could be present, but we
>> be unable to see or touch it.

If molecules are an arrangement of atoms, atoms are an arrangement of
electrons, neutrons and protons, and these gross subatomic particles are an
arrangement of bosons, quarks, leptons... then when I injure my hand on a
wall, I'm hurting myself on an arrangement of arrangements of arrangements
of arrangements of arrangements of... weird little things... or indeed WAVES
of... something... I think arrangement and form are more important than matter.

If you could model a conscious agent in a computer, and they got hurt when
they hit your (information only, pattern only) model of a wall, they'd think
that the wall was solid. When in fact it'd just be information. Hmm. And...
in a virtual universe, you'd still THINK things were solid, cos you'd get
all the relevant sensory feedback... and in fact, the only sense in which
your world is real is that your brain has modelled it in the way you
perceive it... maybe all that's out there is information? Which we just CALL
"solid" because us information constructs interact with it by getting
flattened by it and sitting on it?

Sorry. I broke my golden rule and drank espresso after 8pm. Please now allow
me to sit here gibbering till 4am. I've already gnawed off one of my arms.

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