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>On Mon, 30 Dec 1996 wrote:
>> David, I think this should be directed towards you, but I'm not sure.
>> I was wondering whether the CoV has any fixed points of view concerning
>> politics. Unfortunately I don't have the time right now to refer to the
>> website, but I shall do eventually. I had this mad idea that maybe the
>> "Sociological Change" thread could begin putting together a Virian State.
>> It would be interesting (IMO) to see if we can come up with a memetically
>> sound system of Government (or lack of), society, and the state.

How do you define a memetically sound system of government? My doubts about
the Sociological Change thread stem from my belief that ALL systems of
government are, in the context of the society they govern (a society being a
multi-brain memetic ecology), valid memetic systems. In fact, since they're
governing, surely they're the DOMINANT memetic system at that time? So, just
like a person might change their opinions and thus their way of life over
the years, so societies can change their systems of government.

I'm very concerned, because I think for CoV to get PRESCRIPTIVE about how
people should live would be... well, I dunno, I guess less fun for me than
trying to DESCRIBE how people live in terms of meme theory.

My PoV on politics is... well, it's quite interesting to watch the parties
running aroudn trying to recruit and memewash people, and to think of them
as memetic colonies competing for control of that society's group
brainspace. I think memeticists should try and understand all political
groups and religions in terms of memes... and maybe, if they were going to
make any prescriptions on how people should live, it'd be at a VERY high
level, ie they'd apply globally and pan-politically.

At the end of the day, science doesn't PREscribe, it DEscribes. That's where
its value comes in. If a group of memetic organisms destroys itself in civil
war, isn't that a valid interaction of memes? IE, it obeys the (descriptive)
rules of engagement for memetic interaction? (Thinks: I'll get a hammering
for this)

>> I would like to hear people's views on this idea, as contributing to a
>> political theory work is something I've always wanted to do. It doesn't
>> necessarily have to be in-depth, just an outline of ideas surrounding
>> freedom, equality, government and election, rights and entitlements, etc...
>> Any thoughts?
>This idea definitely requires virtual testing: both computer and
>fictional. And other modes, as they become technologically feasible.
>The usual complaint about political theory is that it is irrelevant to
>how things actually work.
>I suspect that any such ideas will remain less than fully defined.
>/ Towards the conversion of data into information....
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