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Wed, 15 Jan 1997 23:59:21 GMT

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>On Mon, 30 Dec 1996, Alexander Williams wrote:
>> XYZ Customer Support wrote:
>> > war has never sapped people of their strength of will, has never
>> > sapped people of their courage or turned them into chickens,
>> > drained people's patience, or hindered technology?
>> Peace has done all of the above as well. When the sum of the game is 0,
>> you have to expand your view.
>Alex, you state things too conservatively.
>Peace does all of the above, "exponentially" more effectively than war!
>However, you may want the situation stable enough to allow the
>mathematicians to create the math *before* the engineers need it. The
>absence of the math was the reason the Harrier jump jet was built ~1992
>instead of ~1982.

Sorry sir, but the Harrier was designed and built in the 60s or 70s. I've
been going to the Science Museum in London and staring at one ever since I
was a weeny little kidling (Born 1968).

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