Re: virus: real world?
Thu, 16 Jan 97 13:37:38 GMT wrote:

> > What is an atomic event classed as? Is it something fairly major, or is it
> > something as simple as decision making?
> It's fairly small-scale. Actually, some interpretations of Quantum
> Mechanics seem to exclude decision-making from the domain of study.

This is what I was wondering. A lot of Sci-Fi on this subject uses the
idea that everytime a poerson (or any living being, I suppose) makes a decision
then a new universe is created (sorry, comes into being) where the
alternatives are played out. I was intrigued by the validity of this
idea. Can, though, the reactions in the brain that cause a decision to
be made, be thought of as atomic events?

> At this level of resolution, you should imagine your body as experiencing
> much more than 6.023*10^26 atomic events per second

That's quite a lot !