Re: virus: real world?
Thu, 16 Jan 97 13:53:18 GMT

Vicki wrote:
look, I got it right this time :)

> I think we may be confusing levels, or maybe difficulties, here.
> Despite what our anonymous friend thinks,

Anonymous? Moi. I posted my real name for ages, and will continue the
practice once I figure out how to get my mailer to use the file with
my signature in it.

> as far as modern
> physics can tell, matter isn't "solid" at the atomic level:

This is what I was asking. I've not studied Physics at degree level (yet)
but I realise that what I was taught at high-school is painfully inadequate.

> "Really," what's going on is fuzzy concentrations of energy--
> these are particles, including the ordinary ones like protons--
> that are near each other, or maybe overlapping each other.
> We talk about electron orbits, but they aren't like planetary
> orbits.


> This is all separate from the many-worlds hypothesis.

I was asking this at a point, though, where I hadn't ascertained that they,
supposedly, exist in a different, and independant dimension, where the
space involved cannot be considered the same space.

Drakir (My real name's Richard, BTW)