Re: virus: Re:virtuality (RPG)
Thu, 16 Jan 97 14:18:07 GMT

Alex Williams wrote:

> wrote:
> > How many people does it require? Does it matter? What format do the games
> > take?
> How many do you have?

3 or 4 at a guess. Possibly more, but a lot of my friends are totally apathetic
about new things:

"Nah, can't be bothered...."


"Can't we just go to the pub ..."

> (I typically find more than four or five
> unwieldy.) They take, in general, the form of a person (typically the
> GM (Game Master)) orchestrating the events that unfold, playing the
> `universe' if you will, while the others play characters in that
> universe.

What happens, though? Do you buy a book or something with a plot line in
it, or do you design your own?

> Its a load of fun, especially if you're an evil sadist like
> myself ... :)

Cool. You prob'ly guessed this was coming, but I'll ask anyway (and feel
free to say "No"):

Fancy a game then?
(Prob'ly have to be off the ML)