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Richard Brodie (
Sun, 2 Feb 1997 08:58:41 -0800

Dan wrote:

>> This situation, in which a word is coined and defined, and then
>>people see
>>things they didn't notice before, can imply that the act of creating and
>>defining words leads to creating and defining reality.
>Which they don't (and I know you're leading up to this, David). This
>leads to re-defining each individual's /interpretation/ of reality.
>a horse-of-a-different-color entirely, but I notice that some don't
>make that
>subtle but critical distinction.

I think you're setting up a straw man. Anyone on the list disagree with
>The meme "I can shoot myself in the head with physiological impunity"
>quickly find its environmental resources (ie: the memesphere made up by
>with the neurological predisposition to accept that meme) quickly
>slating that meme for extinction, because memes operate within the
>of objective reality, regardless of the particular /interpretation/ of
>that the guy with the bullet in his head may have had.

Actually, research shows that publicized suicides CAUSE more suicides.
So even those deadly memes spread.
>As with /all/ emergent phenomenon, memes are, in the end, /completely/
>on the heirarchies of systems preceeding them, from cognition, through
>systems, down through self-replicating cell chemistry, to sub-atomic
>and, ultimately, the very nature of objective reality from which the
>fabric of
>our existence is manifest. A meme's efficacy (its ability to survive in
>a host
>or propagate) will therefore correlate with objective reality; it can
>never be
>independant of it.

I think (a) I agree with this description and (b) it doesn't say
anything useful.
>I can't see myself contributing further to this thread. Unless someone
>has a rebuttal that isn't logically inconsistent, a counter-proof that
>isn't self-referential, self refuting or semantically imprecise, then
>I'd love to see it die an ignoble death :-)

A rebuttal of WHAT? You guys are saying you have some definitions of
existence, consciousness, and reality that are irrefutable and
self-evident. Well isn't that nice. And excuse me if I get on with my
life and ignore your little cult of consistency. Consistency has gotten
me into more trouble...
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