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Tue, 4 Feb 1997 00:22:00 GMT

At 14:31 03/02/97 EST, you wrote:
> One fundamental choice people have is to be honest or dishonest-to
figure out
>reality or evade reality. No one can force anyone else to be honest or

Look, I know that I sound fairly aggressive saying this, but, the way you
phrase this suggests that you've got no concept of MEME at all.

1 CHOICE: a competition between memes for cognitive resource.

2 PEOPLE (ie personalities): Highly organised, layered and
back-feeding structures of ideas/memes. IE I am the interaction of all memes
and perceptual ideas which have ever impinged on the connection weightings
of the neurons that comprise my nervous system.

3 HONEST: Fucking hell! Sorry for arguing with David, that's just

Check it out! What happens when dishonesty occurs!

A memetic structure, as a strategy for self-preservation and propagation,
seeds in other memehosts, memes WHICH DISAGREE WITH IT TO SOME EXTENT.


Imagine genes interacting rather like memes: this is like... woo, IS there a
genetic equivalent of lying?

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