virus: Level 3 and Level 2

Dave Pape (
Tue, 4 Feb 1997 01:56:05 GMT


Listen, I don't think I should have to buy your book to find out what you
think about Level 2 and level 3 memetic structures. Because we're kind of
pen pals, and should discuss the things we like.

I, for instance, think that Drum and Bass is pretty damn cool, but'll never
get me bouncing around in the same way as up-front stompy techno always
seems to.

Can you give us a quick summary of what you think about what level 2 and
level 3 thinking are? It seems to provoke a lot of debate here... I'd like
to dip my oar in, but don't have a bookshop within two hours' journey that
can get me your book...

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