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Dave Pape (
Tue, 4 Feb 1997 02:51:10 GMT

At 20:27 03/02/97 EST, David wrote:
>Based on the reactions I got so far, it seems hard to imagine there being
>something like a cult on the internet. I'm not trying to be a martyr-it is
>sometimes interesting to stir up controversy. And, about the "attack" on
>Richard,-the reason I'm here is because I liked his book.And, as far as I know,
>he created this forum for discussion in the first place. -David

Heck, I wasn't defending Rich as such- the memes, from the interaction of
which my personality emerges, responded to an attack on memes which have
close relatives in Richard's mind, that's all.

I'm going to say that I think your post gives evidence to the view that
there IS a seniority dynamic on this list: socially implicit in your post
seems to be an acknowledgement that you apologise for attacking a senior
memetic being. By socially implicit, I mean that you seem to be transmitting
memes which easily connect with memes coding for you /deferring/ to the
meme-construct Brodie. The intellectual content of your post doesn't say
it... but the deference memes sneak through in your choice of phrasing.

It's like... we've watched two intellects sparring, not yet fighting, and
then the intellects back down, and the initial submitter says to the other,
"your football team did well yesterday" which is a submissive thing to say,
in that it's pointing out how cool its recent opponent is, implying
politically that s/he is confirmedly submissive to the Other.

You don't need to feel a debt of thanks to Richard the personality, though!
The emergence of this list was not from Richard's memespace alone, but from
an interaction between memes in his memespace with:

x Memes in other heads' memespaces.
x Recorded traces of memes in other headspaces.
x Via his effector organs, physical objects such as computer keys and
microphones and cars.
x His immune system, as his self-image waxes and wanes during the successes
and failures of the writing and production process.

Everyone who criticises or /otherwise/ alters his memotype, is part
responsible for writing any books Richard should write from now on, aren't
they? Because they- *we* are influencing how he thinks, with the memes which
transmit from our heads to his!

Rich gets no points for writing his book, or starting the list (if he did-
what about David McFadzean?), because He Is an emergent property of the
memetic interaction coded for by the activity in his nervous system, and of
that system's interaction with the physical, chemical, biological and social

PS me including the reference to David McFadzean is because I think he is
senior to me and I submit to him. Unless he just tells me to go away.

Dave Pape
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