Re: virus: Re: Turing's test

Dave Pape (
Wed, 5 Feb 1997 13:26:26 GMT

At 17:23 04/02/97 EST, David R wrote:
>Tad suggests that I am an ad hoc character that was created by Richard Brodie.
>Actually, you are correct, but you have it all backwards, Tad. My name is David
>Rosdeitcher and for several years I've been using "Richard Brodie" as a pen
>Just kidding!!! -David

I am an ad hoc character emerging from ongoing memetic interaction between
the memes resident in my memespace at any one time, and the memes impinging
on that memespace having been transmitted from other people.

In this sense I am a creation of others.

(Creation in my view is a process of existing memes interacting in the
"creator"'s memespace in a novel way)

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