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>>What I Think "Meaning" Means by Dave Pape
>> x means y
>> x and y are memes with a large proportion of sub-memes in common.
>>Their physical substrate would be two meta(metameta)groups of neurons with
>>many neural linkages between them... kind of.
>What if x and y are not discreet?

They're not. That's what having many neural linkages between their neural
substrates means- that memetically they have a lot in common.

>Can the structure of x and y change?

Yes. Because over time, as your memetic ecology changes with the influx of
novel (by this I mean "new-to-you") memes from outside, and thus the groups
of submemes which constitute memes x and y will change, and thus x and y
will change... and so will the links between them.

>there is an uncertianty principle and an observer effect of meaning? Lets
>say (primitive example) that you try to discriminate between the word
>"discover" and "invent" the meanings change in the very act of

Quite likely. Until I started activating the meme which codes for my idea
"drum & bass music", I had a much more restricted idea of what "drum & bass
music" meant. I don't believe that I'm an observer of my memes, I believe
that I emerge from the interaction of memes in my headspace, but memes will
often change just by virtue of them becoming activated, which is I think
close to what you mean.

>When you discriminate words do you first look for similarities
>or differences...does it matter?

I don't think... hassle me to get back to you when I've thought more about
the memetic process underlying discrimination between concepts.

>In general, do you perceive reality as best understood by subdivision or by
>synthesis? (allright, cheap shot...obvious answer is both)

Subdivision is memes splitting apart from each other, synthesis is memes
associating together and from this interaction a metameme emerging... so
yeh, both.

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