Re: virus: Good idea

Dave Pape (
Wed, 5 Feb 1997 13:26:29 GMT

At 23:47 04/02/97 -0800, Lior wrote:

>Dave Pape wrote:
>I've GOT to be tough on this one, Lior.


>Number 1, I'm not anti-semitic.
>Number 2, I'm not Christian.
>Have the politically-correct censorship got so active you must post such
>an intro before making any point?

Frankly, yes. I thought that perhaps you were sensing a hint of
anti-semitism in my posts, and I wanted to knock that on the head, so was
playing extra-safe.

>BUT: By whatever means, if a meme shall propagate itself effectively
>throughout the totality of memetic processing space, then it is an
>meme. A "good" meme, in my terms. I don't mean a meme with which I feel
>moral affinity; /that/ definition of "good" is always subjective. I mean
>meme which conforms in effect to the specification of Meme, which is a
>cognitive construct which reproduces and spreads throughout the
>processing environment of All Human Minds.
>So, if I say that memes which co-opt cognitive processing source by
>which I find repulsive (killing lots of people and using their physical
>resources to raise people who think like you) are still "good" memes,
>understand what I mean. Like the gene for "compete with thy neighbour"
>is a
>good gene, since almost everyone seems to have it.

Lior's response:

>Once the propagation's effectiveness (as described in your post) is the
>aim, the morality you describe is correct. It's good that you don't try
>to manipulate it according to your subjective moral affinity. BTW -
>That's NOT a concrete basis for racist\fanatic idealogies. Those would
>require massive distortion of it towards social logic.
>I'd end my response now, as it's quite hard to concentrate when you've
>got atleast 70 people dead and an idiot Prime Minister.

Thanks for taking my post in the way I meant it. And... take care of
yourself (this is me transmitting a very general meme which will impinge on
your memespace, adding somewhat to the activity of your memes which are
associated with self-preservation behaviours)!

Dave Pape
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