virus: A structure of memes to impinge on your minds

Dave Pape (
Wed, 5 Feb 1997 18:16:09 GMT

I would like to define the phenomenon of "/knowing/ something" as the
condition where the meme for that "something" is very strongly dominant, in
terms of competition for the knower's cognitive resource, over all memes
which would compete directly with it for that resource.

EG I feel myself to /know/ that I'm wearing my underpants. In memetic terms,
I'd say that the meme "I'm wearing my underpants" is strongly dominant over
the memes "I'm not wearing any underpants", "I'm wearing my mum's
underpants", etc.

The interesting thing about the memetic world view is, I can feel myself to
KNOW that personalities are emergent properties of interacting memetic
ecologies, and also know that I could be wrong, and that memetics could be a
pile of shite. How?

Because I understand the ideas "personalities are emergent properties of
interacting memetic ecologies" and "memetics is a pile of shite" as memes
competing for cognitive resource, and that the meme "memetics is a pile of
shite" could, possibly, in the future some time, outcompete the meme
"personalities are emergent properties of interacting memetic ecologies" for
the cognitive resources emerging from my brain.

Can logic cope with the possibility that it's a pile of shite? Because I
think that considering the phenomena of thought as memes... can.

Dave Pape
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