virus: Re: The War is On!!!
Wed, 05 Feb 97 14:46:14 GMT

David Rosdeitcher wrote:

I can take on any dishonest person one-on-one, but I'm only human and I cannot
take on a gang. You have to speak up and show some support. Or, I'll leave.
Church of Virus is unique in content but not in form. It is a hoax that has
going on for a long time and most of the people here on this mailing list
nothing to gain and everything to lose by being here. People like the Guru
Richard are master neocheaters but just as Brazillian jiujitsu can take on
martial art, Neo-Tech can take on neocheating. Get your front row tickets, on
sale, now!!! By the way, if they don't throw the first punch, I WILL!!!!


Hello. I'm Derek Pape, Dave Pape's older brother. I'm a 6th dan blackbelt in
Nicaraguan Shotokan Karate, and I've got a gun, so I don't want to find out
about anyone threatening my little brother, okay?