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Wed, 5 Feb 1997 19:08:49 GMT

At 23:41 04/02/97 EST, David R wrote:


> I can take on any dishonest person one-on-one, but I'm only human and I cannot
>take on a gang. You have to speak up and show some support.

The general request for assistance is a widespread meme. And I think it's
easy to see why such a meme should be selected for (assuming memes are
subject to evolutionary forces, and I believe they are), especially when
/memetic/ assistance is what's being called for.

Often, but not always, transmitting this meme into a heterogenous group
memetic ecology (a discussion, an argument, any situation in which memes are
being exchanged between a number of people) will have the effect of
activating memes which are in agreement with those of the requester. Again
(see my recent post), this meme does not represent a pro-logic strategy for
argument, but is often memetically useful, since all argument (imcluding,
but not limited to, logical argument) is a competition for neural resource
between memes, and this strategy may well activate memes which are "on the
requester's side". Of course, I believe that personalities are memetic
constructs, so asking for help activates the people-memes that are on your side.

>Or, I'll leave.

This strategy, this meme, is also quite widespread. Memetically it works
like this:

People tend to live and work in groups. This is I think because groups allow
division of labour, but also division of /memetic processing/. Groups
process memes rather like single brains do, I reckon. I see doubt as I see
argument; populations of conflicting memes competing for cognitive resource.
The difference is one of scale, and geographical separation between bits of
that resource.

If a group functions together well, then the people involved gain a benefit
from that group being maintained. Transmitting the meme "Or I'll leave,"
serves, /in groups whose members gain a benefit from the threatener/, to
activate memes which may have the effect of making the threatener stay.

I believe that the effectiveness of this meme when transmitted in any
particular group is proportional to the perceived benefit to individual
members of having the threatener in the group.

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