Re: virus: Re: The War is On!!!

Dave Pape (
Wed, 5 Feb 1997 21:35:23 GMT

At 14:46 05/02/97 GMT, Derek wrote:
>David Rosdeitcher wrote:
>I can take on any dishonest person one-on-one, but I'm only human and I cannot
>take on a gang. You have to speak up and show some support. Or, I'll leave.
>Church of Virus is unique in content but not in form. It is a hoax that has
>going on for a long time and most of the people here on this mailing list
>nothing to gain and everything to lose by being here. People like the Guru
>Richard are master neocheaters but just as Brazillian jiujitsu can take on
>martial art, Neo-Tech can take on neocheating. Get your front row tickets, on
>sale, now!!! By the way, if they don't throw the first punch, I WILL!!!!
>Hello. I'm Derek Pape, Dave Pape's older brother. I'm a 6th dan blackbelt in
>Nicaraguan Shotokan Karate, and I've got a gun, so I don't want to find out
>about anyone threatening my little brother, okay?

Listen Derek, this isn't a fight, it's an argument, okay? Anyway, you're
always telling me to learn how to stick up for myself, so why don't you butt
out and leave me to it?

Dave Pape
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