Re: virus: Destroying CoV

Tadeusz Niwinski (
Wed, 05 Feb 1997 13:21:35 -0800

David Rosdeitcher wrote:
> The Church of Virus is an evil hoax that can be quickly destroyed as soon as
>it's understood.

Good point. Well, who is going to understand it? The True Believers will
of course ridicule the whole idea ("ha, ha, how clever of you"). They are
convinced they "are a wonderful bunch of highly inteligent unusual people"
(their need of belonging is being met here, they are OK without your help).
Those who understand -- simply leave since they have better things to do.
You don't go to any church and try to convince the believers that they are

Why do you want to take over this place? What is your motivation, David?
Is it just your belief that rational ideas are going to win on the net? Or
you have nothing better to do. Sorry for asking such question, but -- in a
sense -- I am also asking myself.

>As a result, the person who expressed
>certain ideas, gets completely confused and goes through what's known as a
>"belief crisis" in which they have an uncertainty about what their beliefs
> What happens next? The confused victim then turns to the experienced
>"memeber" or "higher memetic being" for guidance and is led through a
process in
>which one realizes that the safest and most powerful position is to take is not
>to express one's ideas, but to become like the other "memebers" and attack the
>memes of the ideas of others. This is how the virus replicates itself.

Exactly. It may not be the original purpose of this group, but the virus
took over for sure. I went through such crisis myself. Is it possible to
bring back honest disscussion, which I was hoping for in this group?

So far you seem like a Don Kichote. Why are you doing this? (I *know* you
are Richard who wants to show how well he can fight on either side...).