virus: Destroying CoV

Reed Konsler (
Fri, 7 Feb 1997 12:12:55 -0500

>From: Tadeusz Niwinski <>
>Date: Thu, 06 Feb 1997 12:58:29 -0800
>Subject: Re: virus: Destroying CoV
>Of course. This is honest and this is what I expect on this list. Now,
>imagine you have an idea or even a "life purpose" to get people out of
>believing the Earth is flat. You teach it, you write books about it. And
>you say "I don't believe in the crap I am teaching". Would this be honest?
>This was my point: you either believe something or you don't (you carry a
>meme or not).

Can you say: "Here. These models have been useful to me and some people
I've talked with. They are not perfect ideas, and I don't BELIEVE them to
be absolutely true...but it's better than anything else I've come up with,
and I think might be useful to you. Perhaps together we can determine the
limits and possibilities? Thanks for contributing!"


Reed Konsler