Re: virus: Destroying CoV

Dave Pape (
Wed, 5 Feb 1997 21:37:36 GMT

At 12:52 05/02/97 -0700, David McF wrote:
>At 12:39 PM 05/02/97 EST, David Rosdeitcher wrote:
>> The Church of Virus is an evil hoax that can be quickly destroyed as soon as
>>it's understood. Here is a general overview of Church of Virus.
>I suppose if I disagree with your ridiculous claims then that will be
>taken as further evidence for the high priests "confusing and ridiculing"
>your memes. Very clever.
>Hey Richard, looks like the jig is up. They're on to us! :-)

My lord! 'Twas I that flushed the heretic out, my lord! Am I to be rewarded?
Perhaps a cushion or old sack for my syphylitic rump... >;-)

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