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I've been doing a little research about Neo-Tech. Here's a smear piece I
found at It
contains pointers to other sites for the interested.


alt.neo-tech Frequently Asked Questions

Alpha release .06.6

Copyright (c) 1996 by King of all Heretics

All Rights Reserved

May be reproduced freely so long as the full text is included.



0.1. Introduction.
0.2. Who am I?
0.3. Why do I use an anonymous remailer?
0.4. Why are you so cheesed off at NT/ZP?
0.5. How can corrections/changes/suggestions be submitted for the FAQ?
0.6. Note about numbering of the questions between FAQ versions.


1. What is Neo-Tech/ZonPower (NT/ZP)?
2. Who is Dr. Frank R. Wallace?
3. Is he really a Dr.?
4. Why does he use a pen name?
5. Who are the real people behind Neo-Tech?
6. What is I & O Publishing Company?
7. What are the Neo-Tech publications?
8. How much does this stuff cost?
9. Did Wallace Ward (Frank R. Wallace) really spend time in jail?
10. What was he doing time for?
11. Is Wallace Ward crazy?
12. Is Neo-Tech/ZonPower a cult?
13. Did Frank R. Wallace really renege on a promised $10,000 bonus to
14. Did Frank R. Wallace really advocate immoral tactics in 'The
Concepts of Poker'?
15. Did Frank R. Wallace really write a book on how to cheat at cards?
16. Does Neo-Tech really claim that faster than light communication is
17. Does Neo-Tech really claim that the 'ether' exists?
18. Does Neo-Tech really promise unlimited power?
19. Does Neo-Tech really claim that consciousness controls existence?
20. Does Neo-Tech really claim that space aliens exist?
21. Does Neo-Tech really claim that the dead can be resurrected?
22. Was KOAH really 'created' or 'propagated' by 'Drew Ellis'?
23. Is KOAH really Kaiser Soze, an unemployed postal worker collecting
government checks?
24. Who are the defenders of Neo-Tech on usenet?
25. Will Neo-Tech Publishing ever file the IRS class action lawsuit?
26. Does Neo-Tech consider homosexuality wrong?


0.1. Introduction:

This FAQ makes no pretense of 'objectivity.' This is the case against
Neo-Tech/Zonpower. The case for NT/ZP (such as it is) can be read on
own web site at:

0.2. Who am I?

I'm King of all Heretics.

0.3. Why do I use an anonymous remailer?

I want my words to stand or fall on their merits, and I don't want my
to get in trouble. :)

0.4. Why are you so cheesed off at NT/ZP?

They are spamming net pests who have shown not the slightest concern for
other net users. They crosspost what amount to commercial
for their pathetic self-help scam incessantly. They also seem to have
virtually no opposition, enabling them to rope in new dupes with not a
of criticism.
Until now.

0.5. How can corrections/changes/suggestions be submitted for the FAQ?

Post your hate mail, comments and/or ringing endorsements to
with the words 'ATTN: KOAH' in the subject line and I will see them and
respond, and if warranted, incorporate changes in later versions of the

0.6. Note about numbering of the questions between FAQ versions:

I am going to renumber the questions as I insert new ones based on
organizing the FAQ into a coherent whole, rather than adopting contrived
schemes of numbering items '5.4' or '9.05' in order to cram them in
preserving the existing numbering.
So question 11 in version .02 may not be the same as it is in version

Quotations from usenet messages have been edited for length and
Complete original messages can be reposted on request.
Let the FAQ begin.


1. What is Neo-Tech/ZonPower (NT/ZP)?

If you ask a Neo-Tech follower they will tell you Neo-Tech is 'fully
integrated honesty.' But in reality, 'Neo-Tech' is the name given to an
entire body of self help literature created by or under the direction of
Dr. Frank R. Wallace.
Neo-Tech is a blend of New Age pollyanna promises, psuedo-science, and
Objectivism (!).
Throughout the FAQ I will use the term 'Neo-Tech' to generically refer
the views promulgated by Neo-Tech Publishing, 'Frank R. Wallace' and his
various pen names and ghost writers.

2. Who is Dr. Frank R. Wallace?

Frank R. Wallace, founder of the Neo-Tech cult, is actually one Wallace
Ward. He also writes as Dr. Higgs Field and John Flint (JF).

3. Is he really a Dr.?

Yes. But despite what you might think by his choice of topics, he is
not a
physicist or a medical doctor. He was once an inorganic chemist at
before he went into the far more lucrative field of gambling manuals.

4. Why does he use a pen name?

Two explanations have been offered by those inside the organization:

"They hid behind pen names mostly to make the company appear larger than
really is. The company is really really small. But man do they have
Plus when you come right down to, they lied."

- From: (BMXerToo)
Newsgroups: alt.neo-tech
Subject: Re: Ex-Neo-Techer Speaks
Date: 22 Aug 1995 22:26:10 -0400

"RE: "Why do they hide behind pseudonyms, anyway?"

"I'm pretty sure it's so they can replace people without exposing the
turn-over. So, while there have been a multitude of customer service
mangers, there is only one Barbie Diamond, who the innocent customer
think is an I&O lifer. And of course, the names contain memes; like
are really beatuifull blondes covered in diamonds working at

- From:
Newsgroups: alt.neo-tech
Subject: Re: Ex-Neo-Techer Speaks
Date: 23 Aug 1995 20:13:28 GMT

5. Who are the real people behind Neo-Tech?

Wallace Ward and his relatives.
Here's some information on them partially based on a message by

The Ward Family

* Wallace Ward - creator of Neo-Tech. Writes under the name of Frank R.
Wallace, Dr. Higgs Field, John Flint, and others. Estimated age: early
Posts to the net as

* Rosa Maria Meono - Wallace Ward's wife. She claimed to be a witch.
Estimated age: 60.
May be posting to the net as and, though
her messages bear a striking resemblence to those written by her

* Ruth Ward - daughter of Wallace Ward by Helen Savage. Estimated age:

* Wallace H. Ward - son of Wallace Ward by Helen Savage. a.k.a. Mark
Hamilton. Formerly married to T.J. (Terry), who left him. Estimated
In a recent press release, he states that he is the actual owner of
Neo-Tech Publishing:

"My name is Wallace H. Ward, and I own Neo-Tech Publishing
Company. My father, Wallace Ward (a.k.a. Dr. Frank R. Wallace)
wrote the Neo-Tech Discovery and founded I & O Publishing
Company in 1968."

- From:
Subject: Mark Hamilton endorses Harry Browne
Date: Tue, 16 Apr 1996 20:27:47 -0700
Message-ID: <>

Posts to the net as

* Frank S. Ward - son of Wallace Ward by Helen Savage. a.k.a. Eric
Posts to the net as AKA 'J. Hampton' Estimated

* Steve Rapella - adopted son of Wallace Ward. Romantic Love Partner of
Ruth Ward (last I heard). a.k.a. John Alberts. Estimated Age: 40.

* Gary Twichell - Wallace Ward's right hand man. Smithers to Ward's Mr.
Burns. Not related to the Ward family, Gary was recruited through the NT
literature. Claims to have created KOAH. (see questions 22 & 23) AKA
Ellis AKA Kenneth Clark.

6. What is I & O Publishing Company?

Wallace Ward's original publishing business. I & O stands for
'Individualism and Objectivism.' Originally set up to sell Ward's first
book 'Poker, A Guaranteed Income for Life by Using the Advanced Concepts
Poker', it was shut down in 1991 when Neo-Tech Publishing was formed to
continue the work of selling Neo-Tech to the world.

7. What are the Neo-Tech publications?

The following books are listed in the 'official' bibliography on the web
site. Other than the mysterious 'Poker Odds' book by Frank Wallace it
complete when it was created, at least so far as I've been able to
They put it up as a GIF of a chart which is poorly scanned and laid out.
I have added a few items that weren't on the chart which have been
announced since I transcribed it.
Note that there have been many editions of some of the books listed
incorporating many revisions, some quite substantive, so your copy of
Neo-Tech Discovery' may not be the same as someone else's brand new
I have tried to preserve the order of the chart, as well as including
full names and psuedonyms of the authors:

* The Advanced concepts of Poker
Frank R. Wallace - 1968 - (now online
* Man's Choice/Eric Flame
Frank R. Wallace - 1970/1972
* Neo-Tech Reference Encyclopedia
Frank R. Wallace - 1976
* Neocheating
Frank R. Wallace, Mark Hamilton and W. Swann - 1979
* The Neo-Tech Discovery
Frank R. Wallace - 1981/1986/1994
* The Neo-Tech Protection Kit
Frank R. Wallace et al - 1988/1994
* Zonpower Discovery
Higgs Field, Editor - 1992 (out of print)
* Neo-Tech Cosmic Business Control
Mark Hamilton - 1989
* Cassandra's Secret
Higgs Field, Editor - 1993
(as Neo-Tech proudly proclaims 'Written in Prison')
* Neo-Tech Global Business Control
Eric Savage - 1992
* Zon 2000
The Golden Helmet
Higgs Field, Editor - 1995 - on web site
* Will America Go Neo-Tech
Mark Hamilton - 11/3/95
* ZonPower
Higgs Field, Editor - 1995 - on web site
('The Full Matrix' says the chart - whatever that means)
* Get Rich by 2001
Mark Hamilton - 1996 - on web site
* The Zon Protocols - 1996
(will be published in 'Cyberspace' - that is, to the Neo-Tech web
* Flame-War Justice - 1997

I have also seen a book entitled "Poker Odds" by Frank Wallace mentioned

"Does anyone know of a reference that contains the probabilities for a
variety of situations for draw, stud, and holdem? So far the best I
been able to find is "Poker Odds" by Frank Wallace."

- Subject: Probabilities in draw, stud, and holdem
From: hein hundal
Date: 1995/08/29
MessageID: 42096e$

8. How much does this stuff cost?

Here the one price list I have. More information on other products is
always welcome.

_NeoTech_Product_ _code_ _US$Price_

Cosmic Power (Pincer One) P1M US$65.00
Cosmic Business Control X0M US$99.95
(Pincer Two)
A Future of Wealth Belongs 43M US$29.95
to You!
Neo-Tech Job Power 60M US$99.95
Rapid Power and Wealth B0M US$39.95
Kick-Start Report 44M US$29.95
The Ultimate Battle Tapes Q0M US$99.95
Consultation Packages G1M US$99.95
How to Start a Global 46M US$29.95
Hot Tips 42M US$49.95
Anatomy of Love CD 5CM US$19.95
Anatomy of Love Cassette 5TM US$19.95
Happiness Forever 90M US$24.95
Neo-Tech Reference D0M US$59.95
Neo-Tech Treatment 70M US$30.00
for Alcoholism
Neo-Tech Pleasures Y0M US$17.50
The Complete Neo-Tech 07M US$95.00

Recently Tony Guzman provided this update to the above list:

>_NeoTech_Product_ _code_ _US$Price_
>Cosmic Power (Pincer One) P1M US$65.00
**most recent price I've received:.......US$89.95
(out of print)

>A Future of Wealth Belongs 43M US$29.95
> to You!
**most recent price I've received:.......US$20.00
(out of print)
>Neo-Tech Job Power 60M US$99.95
**(out of print)

>Rapid Power and Wealth B0M US$39.95
**(out of print)

>Kick-Start Report 44M US$29.95
**most recent price I've received:.......US$20.00
(out of print)

>The Ultimate Battle Tapes Q0M US$99.95
**(out of print)

>Hot Tips 42M US$49.95
**(out of print)

>Neo-Tech Treatment 70M US$30.00
> for Alcoholism
**most recent price I've received:.......US$19.95

>Neo-Tech Pleasures Y0M US$17.50
**most recent price I've received:.......US$19.95

These prices are supposedly for NT Discovery
owners. Non-NT owners are charged a higher
price. (snip)

- From:
Subject: Re: Where's the products!!
Date: 28 Jun 1996 14:56:18 GMT
Message-ID: <4r0rqi$>

9. Did Wallace Ward (Frank R. Wallace) really spend time in jail?


10. What was he doing time for?

The story began in 1986. According to an ex-employee of I&O publishing:

"I took me a while after going to work for I&O before I got to the REAL
explanation of the 1986 raid on I&O.

"Wallace Ward/Zon's girlfriend got mad at him and ratted him out. She
called up the IRS and and told them that Zon wasn't paying his taxes,
had a bunch of cash and gold stashed away in his home. The IRS showed up
their usual friendly style, and scarfed up the assets. And I believe
the girlfriend got a cut, since the IRS rewards informers. Since then,
incident has become 'fully integrated.'

"Years later, Ward put up a series of billboards (typeset by BMXerToo)
across the street from the Federal Building in Las Vegas. The IRS got
pissed off, and hauled him in. Needless to say, the IRS would respond in
exactly the same way for anyone who pulled such stunts."

- From:
Newsgroups: alt.neo-tech
Subject: 1986 Raid on I&O Publishing Co.
Date: 23 Aug 1995 00:50:49 GMT
Organization: Internet Providers of Florida

11. Is Wallace Ward crazy?

Never met him myself. But here's something to ponder:

In article <3nn44d$>,
Earl Baker wrote:

"I know one of Wallace's nieces; she said he lives in Las Vegas. They
refer to him as "Wally" and she said he believes in 'romantic love'.
Also he worked as a chemist at Dupont for many years. The
family considers him crazy but generally harmless; and so do I."

12. Is Neo-Tech/ZonPower a cult?

Here are some testimonials by those who used to work for the Neo-Tech
organization, I&O publishing:

"But, upon gaining employment with these folks, I came to realize that
nepotism rules. If you are not a family member your chances of making
big bucks they claim to offer is remote if not impossible. Long hours
meager salaries are the norm for non-family members. Working for these
people was interesting and even fun for a while. The whole idea of
the world" is an appealing one. And to think that _you_ are a part of it
even more seductive. But unfortunately after a while the constant
brow-beatings, the promises made but never kept, and the rampant
begins to make the whole experience akin to a strained bowel movement.
whole organization would better serve the public at large if they
so blatantly condescending. They strut around acting as if they have
given secret information from advanced alien beings. It really is a

- From:
Newsgroups: alt.neo-tech
Subject: Ex-Neo-Techer Speaks
Date: 17 Aug 1995 19:33:58 -0400

"The event that finally revealed to me the actual nature of these people
was when they didn't keep their word. A $10,000 bonus was offered to all
"core member" if certain business goals were met. When the principal of
company declared the goal achieved the bonuses were disbursed to all
members" excluding myself. It was deemed I was too immature. That pretty
much told me exactly what these folks think about their employees. They
even had the nerve to ask one employee to return his bonus after they
given it him!

"Unless you have been employed by these happy people, you can never
understand the outrageous hipocrisy that pervades everything they do.
Mistakes made by the principals of the company were simply laughed off.
Mistakes made by employees were dealt with in the most severe manner.
times I was fined a significant amount of money for misspellingg a

- From:
Newsgroups: alt.neo-tech
Subject: Re: Ex-Neo-Techer Speaks
Date: 17 Aug 1995 23:00:29 -0400

"I began questioning my involvement in the company directly following
infamous monthly meeting where a bust of Christ was smashed to pieces
a sledge hammer by JF. The statue rested on the table surrounded by live
microphones. I was recording the meeting and wore headphones, not
what was about to occur. Hours later, after regaining my hearing I was
accused of doing speedballs and other drugs. I was temporarily fired and
then re-hired a week later. (Matt referred earlier to this incident as
Great I&O Purge of 1988.) After this incident, the common question
throughout the company (outside the family) was "Is this a cult?""

-'Rocket Rod', posted to the net by
Newsgroups: alt.neo-tech
Subject: Re: Ex-Neo-Techer Speaks
Date: 25 Aug 1995 20:45:35 -0400

13. Did Frank R. Wallace really renege on a promised $10,000 bonus to

Here's BMXerToo's side of the story in his own words:

"Let's look at the facts:

1) Zon sets a goal
2) Zon attaches to that goal a $10,000 bonus 3) Zon declares the goal
been achieved 4) Zon welches on the bonus

"Now if we examine item 3. Even if the goal was not met, Zon must
it so because otherwise Zon would be seen an less than the god-like
titan he claims to be. To boost his ego and his image as an authority
figure in the cult, Zon must declare that the goal has been achieved.

"Now, because he is basically a cheating liar, he must figure out a way
keep from giving that bonus to his followers. Since there is no logical
grounds on which Zon can rest, he whips up the foolish rationalization
I am immature. As if my level of maturity was suddenly a part of the
agreement. I cannot recall at any time Zon placing the stipulation that
only mature cult members will receive the bonus.

"Now let's look at the Zon-based facts:

1) Zon sets a goal
2) Zon attaches to that goal a $10,000 bonus {Shhh. Those who are not
mature will not receive the bonus}
3) Zon declares the goal has been achieved 4) Zon weleches on the bonus
5) Zon gets to keep the cult member money!

"Now, to be fair, I think Zon said that when the cult member displayed a
marked improvement in his level of maturity the bonus would be released.
This still does not negate the fact that Zon reneged on the original
agreement and then modified that agreement after the goal had been

"You be the judge. Is Zon a liar and a welch?"

- From:
Newsgroups: alt.neo-tech
Subject: Re: Ex-Neo-Techer Speaks
Date: 23 Aug 1995 02:36:30 -0400

14. Did Frank R. Wallace advocate immoral tactics in 'The Advanced
of Poker'?

Yes. Among the tactics he recommends are covert hypnosis, decieving the
wives of players, and limitless dishonesty while playing, though actual
cheating is not recommended. The entire book is a primer on how 'John
Finn' the 'good player' pretends to be friends with the 'fish' (losing
players) while taking them for everything they've got by decieving,
manipulating and abusing them. The climactic scene has one of the
blowing the entire second mortgage on his business during a marathon
overnight game. Even after his life is ruined he thinks that 'John
was really his friend.

For example:

"3. Practicing Deceit (43)
"Only in a poker game can a man lie and practice any form of deceit,
cheating, and still remain a gentleman. The good palyer makes extensive
of his right to deceive. He conceals facts and lies about anything that
offers him an advantage."
- 'The Advanced Concepts of Poker' page 72

Would you buy a used philosophy from that man?
You can read the whole book at

15. Did Frank R. Wallace really write a book on how to cheat at cards?

I haven't seen it, but one poker player had this to say about Wallace's
early book 'Neocheating':

Ed Oliveri wrote:
>Yes, I remember this book well. It opened my eyes twenty years ago
>when it showed me that not all of the players in the local "friendly
>poker game" were so friendly after all.
>The author's pseudonym was Frank Wallace--I never found out who the
>author really was, or if they wrote anything else on poker.
>Anybody know?

An interesting book: His playing techniques were somewhere between
aggressive and sociopathic. He wrote at least one other book, called
_Neocheating_, about card-mechanic tricks he claimed were undetectable.


- From: (Phil Gustafson)
Subject: Re: "Poker--A Guaranteed Income for Life"
Date: 1995/06/20
MessageID: 3s7r5r$

I have seen reports that 'Neocheating' contained illustrated
instructions on how to perform card manipulations useful in cheating.
Anyone who has this book and would be willing to scan in the relevent
(for fair use purposes of course) please let me know.

16. Does Neo-Tech really claim that faster than light communication is

Yep. They will squirm and waffle, but it's right there in black and
in their online book, chapter one:

"Conscious beings harnessing the Super-Inflation nature of Gravity
Units (SIGUs) can produce near instant, gravity-pulse
communication not only across an entire universe but possibly
between universes -- all without violating physical laws,
including the speed of light. How? By gravity pulses transmitted
through big-bang-type inflations radiating from exploded Gravity


17. Does Neo-Tech really claim that the 'ether' exists?

Yep. The Luminiferous ether is back and ZonPower's got it!
>From chapter four of their online book:

"Existence cannot not exist. Moreover, no vacuum void of existence is
possible. "Vacuums" of the matter field can exist as in outer space, in
vacuumed-pumped containers, and in areas between electrons. But, all
those volumes are filled with the unmovable, frictionless ether or
existence field -- a uniform, continuous field of existence."

Welcome to the 19th century!

18. Does Neo-Tech really promise unlimited power?


One of the cover pages promises the following:

lets you become
even without a computer

Don't believe it really says this? Check it out:

And then there's this gem:

Higgs Field, Ph.D.
Romantic Love
and a god-like
Mind and Body

In fact ZonPower is chock full of such promises. Just check out their
online book for endless examples of such idiocy:

19. Does Neo-Tech really claim that consciousness controls existence?

Yep. From Chapter four of the online book:

"Conscious Control of Existence

"The above example of an energy-releasing star can be
calculated from the "immutable" cause-and-effect of existence without
conscious influences. But, the above example of an energy-releasing
television transmitter is the volitional dynamics of existence being
integrated, controlled, and forever altered by freewill human
consciousness. Thus, as revealed by Neo-Tech physics, all existence is
ultimately controlled and evolved through volitional human
"Unknown to the busily self-serving Establishment, the nature of
existence and its dynamics of matter and energy are today being
increasingly understood and methodically verified. That verification
process will lead to the corollary verification that human consciousness
is the eternal integrator and controller of existence. ...Human
consciousness ultimately controls the relationships and geometries of
the other existence modes -- matter and energy along with space and
time. The human-consciousness mode is the purposeful, unmoved mover of

20. Does Neo-Tech really claim that space aliens exist?


Chapter 5: Part 1, paragraph 3

"Probability statistics overwhelmingly reveal that our universe
contains at least a hundred million, and probably billions of
Earth-like planets populated with conscious beings like you and

Chapter 5: Part 4, paragraph 5

"Given the endless number of water/oxygen abundant, Earth-like
planets forever spinning in endlessly evolving existence, one
realizes life and consciousness have forever co-existed in
limitless abundance."

(Thanks to for pointing out these passages)

21. Does Neo-Tech really claim that the dead can be resurrected?

As is the case in many religious cults, there's salvation awaiting the
and oblivion for the sinners.
>From Chapter 31 of the online book:

"Ultimate Justice

"Justice is an immutable law of nature. As demonstrated by Cassandra's
Secret, justice is always fulfilled throughout existence. As a result,
the eventual destination or just reward for every actual and potential
value producer -- of every honest conscious being -- is eternal
prosperity and happiness in the Civilization of the Universe.
That just destination is the inevitable consequence of nature. From that
nature comes (1) immutable justice that characterizes the Civilization
of the Universe, (2) the supremely leveraged, limitless value of each
conscious being when placed in a rational civilization, (3) the dynamics
of eternally expanding prosperity, which demand the full use of every
available conscious being, and, as explained later in this chapter, (4)
the technology needed to transceive[ 72 ] every volitionally developed
human consciousness through the omnipresent existence field and into the
Civilization of the Universe.
"Humanoid criminals or parasitical neocheaters who have lived by harming
others or society through force, fraud, and illusions also meet ultimate
justice: They become humanoids because they destroy the human nature of
their own consciousnesses. Therefore, they destroy the conscious
structure needed to transceive through the Gravity-Unit existence field
and into the Civilization of the Universe. Moreover, having lived as
enormous net negatives to society, humanoids such as politicians with
their armed bureaucratic agents of force and ego-"justice" systems are
in reality nothing -- they are worthless to the Civilization of the
Universe. Thus, they simply vanish from existence, forever forgotten."

The following note from the same chapter elaborates on the above:

"[ 72 ]Transceived not in the mystical Plato sense of a detached soul.
For, the soul and physical body are one in the same and function as a
unit. But, transceived (within a profit-mode, business dynamic) in the
Gravity-Unit form that captures conscious "I"ness immortality as
described in The Neo-Tech Discovery, all in accord with the laws of

Ye must be born again!


In the wake of my constant posting of this section of their book, which
drew considerable skepticism from many usenet denizens, the web book has
been updated.

Neo-Tech Publishing has revised their online book to add the following

"Footnotes for Chapter 31

"[ 70a ] Profit-driven immortality is a highly speculative hypothesis
from a priori logic. Logically, no contradictions exist in that
But, today, the value of such a hypothesis is metaphorical -- an
illustration of justice that reality ultimately asserts."

Sorry Zonnies, but as of 5/23/96 you're not gonna live forever after all
it's just another one of those 'highly speculative hypotheses' that
Ward loves to cook up. Which doctrine will be revised next? Only Wally
knows for sure.

22. Was KOAH really 'created' or 'propagated' by 'Drew Ellis'?

In May of 1996 Neo-Tech publishing, after weeks of huffing and puffing,
finally 'revealed the identity' of 'King of all Heretics', claiming that
KOAH was really just a gigantic troll, a persona created to bait various
enemies into demonstrating their committment to the eeeevil

"KOAH was created and propagated by Neo-Tech contributor and Usenet
Drew "Kaiser" Ellis! ...No one at NTP suspected such a brazen double
bluff. Great poker play -- a stunning metaphor. He'll rake in a huge
from his resulting "Flame War" book due in 1997. Congratulations."

- From:
Newsgroups: alt.philosophy.objectivism
Subject: KOAH Identified -- The Final Ploy
Date: Tue, 14 May 1996 01:31:06
Message-ID: <4n9gca$>

This is rather amusing since NT had been claiming for months that KOAH
be a criminal psychotic. Not the sort of person a NTP employee ought to
associating with. After all, any decent NTer would just vanish such a
value destroyer with a pip template!
The Neo-Tech spin doctors are working overtime and we can expect plenty
revisions to the FAQ as they get their stories straight regarding the
is a Neo-Tech puppet' charade. (see the next answer for the latest)
But the short answer to the question 'Was I created or propagated by
Ellis?' is no.
Incidentally, Drew Ellis is really Gary Twitchell, also known as Kenneth
Clark, Wallace Ward's right hand man.

23. Is KOAH really Kaiser Soze, an unemployed postal worker collecting
government checks?

However I did send this email to (Wallace Ward):

Subject: Your good buddy

The person posting to the net as King of all Heretics is Kaiser Soze. He
a 38 year old retired postal worker living on a disability check in
Woodbury New York.

Subsequently Neo-Tech employee 'J. Hampton' ( who
probably one of Wally's kids) posted dozens of messages denouncing me
my loathsome evil since I was an 'unemployed postal worker living on
government checks.'
It appears that no one at NTP had been out to see 'The Usual Suspects'
they failed to make the connection between my 'identity' and that of
Soze, the notorious, fearsome super criminal from that film.
Hook, line and sinker.

24. Who are the defenders of Neo-Tech on usenet? (Matt Keys) - The King of all Neo-Posters has to be
Matt Keys. Matty not only posts neo-templates and the '114
Objectivist/Neo-Tech Advantages', he also sends every post to the
mailing list to alt.neo-tech, and until he was flamed thoroughly, he
to post the same crap to alt.philosophy.objectivism.
He once had a giant crosspost of the 'IRS Class Action' template
On any given day he can be found posting NT/ZP templates in any
he can devise a pretext to post into.
In return for his devotion to NTP he gets free copies of all Neo-Tech
UPDATE: Matt Keys recently admitted that he has been employed by NTP
work on their web site for the past year. (Nicholas Rich) - The most articulate of the Neo-Tech
defenders, Nick has, in the past, devoted countless hours defending NT
the net, moderating mailing lists, registering domain names, and flaming
the pips and neocheaters who dare attack NT as it works to 'take over
cyberspace.' He denies any financial connection to Neo-Tech Publishing,
but he has met Wallace Ward, and he has an arrangement where he can have
free copies of any NTP publication sent to anyone he wishes.
Barring any revelations of a financial link to NTP, Wallace Ward, or any
Wally's relatives, he seems to be a true zealot driven by pure devotion
the 'truth' of NT/ZP. He has stated that his primary motive was to be
of the forthcoming 'Flame War Justice' book, presumably because he would
take pride in being part of an actual NT publication.
But recently Nick's devotion has become somewhat antennuated. His life
story contains not one mention of Neo-Tech or ZonPower, and he removed
urls from his sigfile. Even more embarrassing for NTP, Nick compared
discussing NT to discussing how many times he masturbates.
So apart from NTP employees, Matt Keys is likely to remain NT's #1 net
lackey for some time to come.

25. Will Neo-Tech Publishing ever file the IRS class action lawsuit?

Joseph Adams cast doubt on the validity of NTP's excuses for not filing
immediatly as follows:

Matt Keys wrote:
>Joseph G. Adams (jgadams@leland.Stanford.EDU) wrote:
>: Especially because it is likely that there will be no such class action
>: lawsuit.
>: Matt Keys and the Neo-tech crowd consistently refuse to give any
>: information about the lawsuit or a credible reason why they haven't
>: already filed it.
>you'd think people who go to stanford could read... the following
>IRS class-action lawsuit update was posted in early september:
>In the past few months, we have gathered well over a hundred valid plaintiffs
>that legally meet the requirements for a class-action suit against the IRS on
>the basis of the Eighth Amendment to the United States Constitution, which
>forbids the government from inflicting cruel-and-unusual punishment on its
>citizens. We are adding an average of 1-2 valid plaintiffs daily from web
>site We would like to have about
>500 bona fide plaintiffs when we file the lawsuit in Federal District Court.
>Potential plaintiffs should visit the IRS Class-Action home page for
>information about this lawsuit and how to become a plaintiff. ...No fees or
>charges of any kind are being asked or will be asked from any plaintiff or
>potential plaintiff.

This isn't a credible reason. Your legal position and your chances of
success don't improve if you have 500 plaintiffs instead of 100
plaintiffs. The point of a class action lawsuit is that it's
to identify every plaintiff.

Rule 23(a) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure provides:
Prerequisites to a Class Action. One or more members of a class may sue
or be sued as representative parties on behalf of all only if (1) the
is so numerous that joinder of all members is impracticable, (2) there
questions of law or fact common to the class, (3) the claims or defenses
the representative parties are typical of the claims or defenses of the
class, and (4) the representative parties will fairly and adequately
protect the interests of the class.

Class actions are designed to get around the problem you claim is
you: the need to find more plaintiffs. You have enough plaintiffs to
sue if you really want to.

So, once more: when and where are you going to file your class action
lawsuit against the IRS?

We're still waiting for a real answer.

- From: jgadams@leland.Stanford.EDU (Joseph G. Adams)
Subject: Re: IRS Abuse Reports #52-#54
Date: 9 Oct 1996 15:34:12 -0700
Message-ID: <53h994$4qa@elaine21.Stanford.EDU>

26. Does Neo-Tech consider homosexuality wrong?

Matt Keys, Neo-Tech Publishing's paid consultant, recently added this
'question' to his 'FAQ':

q-1) why does KOAH always talk about f***ing everyone up the *ss? is he

Neo-Tech employee J. Hampton (who is probably Frank Ward, son of NT
Wallace Ward) then asked 'Have you ever sought counseling?' It appear
NTP's representatives believe homosexuality is an illness requiring

Then 'A Completely Separate Entity' posted this excerpt:

Well there is this from Neo-Tech Concept 88:
"Intense orgasm by nature requires a heterosexual man-woman


"For humans, homosexuality is generally a form of life-diminishing
neurosis in which neither the physical nor psychological experiences
can satisfactorily simulate the heterosexual experience."

This material has probably been purged from recent editions of the
Neo-Tech Discovery as Wally has switched into 'nice-clown' mode.
-A Completely Separate Entity (ACSE 10/27/96)

- From: (John Anonymous MacDonald)
Subject: Re: Why does KOAH/ACSE always want to f*** everyone up the
*ss ??
Date: 28 Oct 1996 03:24:07 -0500
Message-ID: <>

So NTP's official stand is that homosexuality is a 'life-diminishing

- King of all Heretics

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