Re: virus: Destroying CoV

Dave Pape (
Thu, 6 Feb 1997 23:22:06 GMT

At 12:58 06/02/97 -0800, Tad (a sub-meme of Dave Pape, remember) wrote:

>Dave Pape wrote:
>>Defining ideas as memes allows me to believe something now, and to preach it
>>(to transmit that meme) today, while acknowledging that the memes in my head
>>may (in fact will, to a small extent) be different memes tomorrow.
>Of course. This is honest and this is what I expect on this list. Now,
>imagine you have an idea or even a "life purpose" to get people out of
>believing the Earth is flat. You teach it, you write books about it. And
>you say "I don't believe in the crap I am teaching". Would this be honest?
>This was my point: you either believe something or you don't (you carry a
>meme or not).

Okay: obviously I'm Dave Pape, and I don't understand this question. But,
seeing as I must've come up with it in the first place (when I was writing
Tad's post), what does this say about diurnal rhythms in the richness and
tiered-ness of memetic processing in our heads? Dan Plante's memetic
metasystem... swelling and falling back in stack-depth, the graph looking
over time like a seething ocean...

>In "Virus of the Mind" Richard refers to it as hypocrisy. I think you wrote
>that you have not read the book yet -- I really recommend it. Apparently it
>is also available on Richard's home page. It's worth reading!

No, don't worry about that, I'll use my credit card to-

Hang on!!

Now Tad's sounding like /Richard Brodie/ wrote his posts!

...Gosh! Then, since /my cognitive resource/ gives rise to the bulk of the
concept of Tad (I make him up), my ideas about Tad must be a complex of
memes ("Tad-model") which my top-level memes disinhibit sometimes, allowing
it/him /some attenuated/ access to my cognitive resource.

Tad-model is a /sub-meme/ of mine. He's usually outcompeted for cognitive
resource by the other sub-memes which interact to give rise to my dominant
top-level metameme- personality.

Oh wow!

So far this week I'd written Tad as largely critical of Richard, but now
I've got bored of that, so I'm writing him from the standpoint of modelling
memetically in my head how Richard feels (letting some common Richard memes
have access to my cognitive resource), and then disinhibiting Tad-model's
memes from "Richard-model"'s perspective. ...How cool is /that/?

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