Re: virus: Destroying CoV

Dave Pape (
Wed, 5 Feb 1997 23:49:50 GMT

At 13:21 05/02/97 -0800, Tad wrote:
>David Rosdeitcher wrote:
>> The Church of Virus is an evil hoax that can be quickly destroyed as
soon as
>>it's understood.
>Good point. Well, who is going to understand it? The True Believers will
>of course ridicule the whole idea ("ha, ha, how clever of you"). They are
>convinced they "are a wonderful bunch of highly inteligent unusual people"
>(their need of belonging is being met here, they are OK without your help).
>Those who understand -- simply leave since they have better things to do.
>You don't go to any church and try to convince the believers that they are
>Why do you want to take over this place? What is your motivation, David?
>Is it just your belief that rational ideas are going to win on the net? Or
>you have nothing better to do. Sorry for asking such question, but -- in a
>sense -- I am also asking myself.
>>As a result, the person who expressed
>>certain ideas, gets completely confused and goes through what's known as a
>>"belief crisis" in which they have an uncertainty about what their beliefs
>> What happens next? The confused victim then turns to the experienced
>>"memeber" or "higher memetic being" for guidance and is led through a
>process in
>>which one realizes that the safest and most powerful position is to take
is not
>>to express one's ideas, but to become like the other "memebers" and attack the
>>memes of the ideas of others. This is how the virus replicates itself.
>Exactly. It may not be the original purpose of this group, but the virus
>took over for sure. I went through such crisis myself. Is it possible to
>bring back honest disscussion, which I was hoping for in this group?
>So far you seem like a Don Kichote. Why are you doing this? (I *know* you
>are Richard who wants to show how well he can fight on either side...).

Making Tad's posts up is weird, because I kind of make war upon my own
conscience as I do it. Urgh!

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