virus: Re: Memetic Evolution

David Rosdeitcher (
06 Feb 97 13:02:21 EST

Putting up the FAQ about Neo-Tech and the statistics about objectivism is still
just attacking my memes and not my ideas. Anyway, I already read that FAQ which
is designed by Neo-Tech to draw negative attention to itself and I could have
predicted those statistics. This shows that you are putting in energy to
encourage me to feed your meme pool. I have already identified what is going on
here-how someone makes a statement, another person makes a counter statement
that attacks that person's memes and not their ideas in context, and then a
whole new scenario is created. And the process starts over again. I looked for
the first time at the CoV homepage and it turns out that I identified it exactly
how they would-a Hegelian religion-people dramatize the notion that A is not A
by acting inconsistently and then a thesis is met with an antithesis which
attacks the memes in the thesis and then comes the synthesis which is a "higher
evolutionary meme form". What makes you think it is a higher evolutionary meme
form, because Hegel's position has to be right? Certainly, you don't BELIEVE
Tad brought up a question of why go to a church alone to tell the members
they are all wrong? This is something different than anything I've ever seen and
it is something to understand and be aware of. I see it as a disease that can
get out of control if it's not understood. This is sort of like a chess game of
infinite combinations, and anything I say or anything you say would have a
counter.It would be limiting to get caught up within 64 squares. I might leave
this list soon.