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Reed Konsler (
Thu, 6 Feb 1997 15:14:57 -0500

>David McFadzean wrote:
>>Recently I found a page on the web about "zero point fields" (ZPF) or
>>something like that which claimed that the idea that matter is really
>>nothing but information has a real theoretical basis. Unfortunately I
>>lost the URL before I could finish it. Has anyone else come across it?
>This sounds great. I would be also interested to find out more about
>information being in fact matter. It always bothered me how the three can
>be one in The Holy Trinity and one day it occured to me that it must be
>Energy, Matter, and Information -- they ARE one. We know we can convert
>matter into energy and vice versa (we even know the formula E = mc^2).
>Wouldn't it be fascinating to find a formula for converting matter into
>information, etc. ?

What was that book called? "Fire of the Mind" or "Fire in the Mind"? I
forget the author (sorry, it's on my shelf at home and I haven't finished
it yet). Anyway, in the first chapters the author claims that there are
researchers at the Santa Fe Institute who are trying to rewrite the laws of
physics in order to take into account another quantity called: information.
Sort of like proposing the son-of-reletivity. Good book, but I was
reading in on the airplane and haven't had a chance to pick it up since
then. Does anyone recognize this book? I'll try to remember to bring in
to work...I think it at least tangentially adresses this topic.


Reed Konsler