RE: What the hell is a false meme? (was: Re: virus: Destroying

Dave Pape (
Fri, 7 Feb 1997 13:06:26 GMT

At 14:37 06/02/97 -0800, Richard wrote:
>Vicki wrote:

>>Even in memetic terms, it's relevant that people will continue to host
>>memes that contradict available evidence.
>Absolutely. And in fact ALL mapping memes are simplifications and
>therefore inaccurate to some degree. Even that statement I just made!

I'd say that slipping into transmitting the meme "absolutely" represents
evidence of level-2 thinking...

Dave Pape
If you mapped memespace onto a 2D plane, then made a 3-D graph with
Activation Level as the vertical axis, and animated shots of the graph over
time, it'd look like the progress of some crazy Hokusai ocean.

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