Re: virus: Free Will

Dave Pape (
Fri, 7 Feb 1997 13:06:17 GMT

At 17:11 06/02/97 -0800, Tad wrote:

>David R. wrote:
>>Another example of such an honest disagreement is Kenneth
>>Boyd's insistance that the subjective experience comes before the objective.
>>This is not true-we first assert "It is" and then "I am aware of it" and,
>>furthermore, there is evidence that the act of self-reference must be
>>by identifying things "out there". (Another discussion)
>It is fascinating what Kenneth brought up. I heard about some research
>where they found that a decision for a simple reaction (measured by brain
>impulses) was made before the conscious decision, as if consciousness was
>only informed about the decision.

I posted that to CofV... I think I caught the meme from Robert Wright, who
left it as an encoded memetic bomb in his book "The Moral Animal". He got it
(I think) as a delayed-action written meme from the researchers.

>It is consistent with Francis Crick's
>model of Free Will in his "The Astonishing Hypothesis, the Scientific Search
>for the Soul". I think this topic is worth our time.

Please! What IS Crick's model? Can you give us a flavour of it?

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