Re: virus: The Virus Homepage stuff

Dave Pape (
Fri, 7 Feb 1997 13:06:33 GMT

At 21:36 06/02/97 -0500, Reed wrote:

>So here is what I just realized:
>A number of people who arrive here protest that a "church" is an
>inappropriate context for this mailing list. Sometimes David responds and
>sometimes he doesn't. But the point is that his "meme" is infective
>nevertheless. It's kind of like bait-and-switch; if you want to partake in
>the conversation you must at least tacitly accept the "memetics"/"church"
>realtionship that David is providing. And wasn't that the reason he
>created the homepage and this list?
>"The Medium is the Message", indeed.

Good point. Also notice that, by firing hostile memes at David R, many of
his memes have been made to retransmit many times, perhaps more than they
would've done otherwise?

And also that "This group is like a conspiracy" memes are very robust memes,
because if counter-memes impinge on them, the meme "of course you'd say
that, you're part of the conspiracy" can be sent back in reply?

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