virus: Objectivism is Misleading

Lior Golgher (
Sat, 08 Feb 1997 00:45:49 -0800

"Existence Exists" is a misleading axiom. It describes reality as a
binary state - 1 or 0 - either reality exists or it doesn't. But it
can't be that reality doesn't exist, so we assume it does. And that's
Subjective reality doesn't undermine the assumption that something does
exist. It claims that the decision to see one input as reality and
another as illusion is absolutely arbitrary. Most of us decide to base
reality on sensual input, but that doesn't make it more 'correct' than
any other decision. One may decide to base his reality on the input he
recieves during REM sleep, and that's just as 'correct' as our decision,
and his reality just as 'real'.

Objections, dear virions and\or objectivists?


PS: All new virions - You might be interested in my full model of
reality, life etc. as posted here last November. See for yourself: (The pyramid was tortured
to death when positioned in the archive)