virus: Level-3

Reed Konsler (
Fri, 7 Feb 1997 14:44:09 -0500

This is my interpretation, based solely on this list, of level-3

(paranthetically, Richard, I do notice a significant amount of personal
resistance to purchasing and reading your book. Perhaps this is an
anti-cult discriminator overacting? I wonder if you could come up with
some meme to help me out of this, since the topics seem to come up again
and again.)

Have you ever noticed that everybody that you ever thought knew the truth:
your parents...
your teachers...
your priests...
your lovers...

All ended up, eventually being more or less full of shit?
Have you noticed Science and Scientology are also full of shit?

You see, buddy, your problem is one of expectation. You expect that there
is some perfect thing some perfect reason, some perfect ideology. But you
are mistaken. As you search through the facets of life you're just
frustrating yourself.

Accept that everything is a little fucked up and thats...OK. My ideas are
OK, and your ideas are OK, too. (although some Animals are more equal than
others). Let go your concious self...and act on instinct! Then you will
have achieved level-3 limbo/nirvana...a kind of Airport in ideology land.
Hop a flight to Miami Beach or to Hollywood!

Take a look, and you'll see such a world of pure
there, you'll be free...if you truly wish to be...

Richard has written a self-help book for intellectuals. Like Pipin, he has
discovered that the road to perfection leads in two directions: compromise
and oblivion.

(allusions are intentional)


Reed Konsler