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Richard Brodie (
Sun, 9 Feb 1997 08:58:11 -0800

Reed wrote:

>(paranthetically, Richard, I do notice a significant amount of personal
>resistance to purchasing and reading your book. Perhaps this is an
>anti-cult discriminator overacting? I wonder if you could come up with
>some meme to help me out of this, since the topics seem to come up
>and again.)

I was talking to my friend Steven the other day about why people make
the decision to purchase books. Sometimes they see themselves buying the
book to satisfy, you know, that inner hunger or thirst for knowledge
that keeps building up, getting stronger and stronger, until you just
want to give in to it and you buy. Now, from me, I buy a book because I
view it as important. I get a big picture of it in my head, and I want
to take it home and feel the pages, smell the ink drying, and treasure
it forever. I don't know if, some time in the future, you'll look back
on this moment as the time when you shattered those bonds and made a
comfortable decision, for all the right reasons, to go to your favorite
book store and purchase your very own copy of VIRUS OF THE MIND. Then
again, sometimes you just do things on impulse. Does that make sense?
>Accept that everything is a little fucked up and thats...OK. My ideas
>OK, and your ideas are OK, too. (although some Animals are more equal
>others). Let go your concious self...and act on instinct! Then you
>have achieved level-3 limbo/nirvana...a kind of Airport in ideology
>Hop a flight to Miami Beach or to Hollywood!

Not quite. I mean, sure, act on instinct at some level, but it's more
like flipping among Level-2 mindsets but being clearly conscious of your
highest priorities and values all the time.
>Take a look, and you'll see such a world of pure
>there, you'll be free...if you truly wish to be...

Great show. We are the music makers. And we are the dreamers of the
dreams. Reed, your stock just went up again. =)
>Richard has written a self-help book for intellectuals. Like Pipin, he
>discovered that the road to perfection leads in two directions:
>and oblivion.

Now you're talking about my other book, GETTING PAST OK. Please -- it's
the "self-help book for people who don't need help." (My most famous
creation to date, Microsoft Word, was once reviewed as "the word
processor written by geniuses for geniuses." OK, so the user interface
was a little baroque in V1. =)

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