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Sun, 9 Feb 1997 09:13:39 -0800

Tim wrote:

>> You can order VIRUS OF THE MIND as well as many of the other books
>> discussed here from the Amazon.Com Memetics Bookstore,
>Milkin' us for a buck, huh, Richard? I was hoping we'd at least get a
>Cliff Notes version or an outline out of ya :-|

You can read the beginning on line for free, as well as peruse the table
of contents, at If not, the
King county library system has MANY copies. People often don't realize
that libraries are happy to order books for you if they have budget,
which they usually do this time of year. Just ask your librarian.

If anybody on this list REALLY wants their own copy and can't afford the
$22 (which is pretty cheap for a hardcover book, guys), email me and
plead your case and I may send you a free copy if I think you've been a
productive contributor to the list. But if I do that, there are strings
attached...I want you to EVANGELIZE!


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