Re: virus: Re: Greetings

David Rosdeitcher (
14 Feb 97 23:51:30 EST

>Peter: ..So, "Objective"...

>Objective: Objy...please...

>Peter: you think your stay is over here in the ol' CofV? I mean
>do think you'll have to move on?

>Objective: Could be, you never know. But there's always a need for me. More
>people know me than know Grant. By the way, how come "Subjective" and
>"Essence" aren't here...

Hi, this is Objy. I like it here at CofV. I've found a lot of nice friends and I
think I'm becoming a dominant meme. I'm going to replicate myself again in
another long post, coming soon, to a theater near you!