Re: virus: CoV Memetics: Mysticism of the 90's

David Rosdeitcher (
14 Feb 97 23:56:34 EST

Tim wrote:
>Okay, David, I love ya' and all, but your getting on my nerves. In the
>FIRST sentence of my post I stated that I was going off on a tangent based
>on something you said. I'm sorry, but you are NOT the most important
>person in universe!!! (I am, after all!) We don't always have to talk
>about what YOU want to talk about. Some of us have other interests. I
>know what I said had nothing to do with your main point, I said that up
>front! I didn't get a chance to respond to your "main point" because I've
>been strapped for time this week. And no, I'm not responding to your
>"main point" in this post either, I'm responding to *YOU*.

Tim-You are correct. Sorry-I'm starting to get carried away by my own memes.
This meme worship is rubbing off on me. -David