RE: virus: Mother-Daughter Dating

tom.holz (
Wed, 19 Feb 1997 14:58:06 -0400

richard wrote this?
>I never joke. I can't believe you're insulting the whole science of
>geoneurophysioarchaeology like that. You ought to be ashamed.

you people. what's a human supposed to do? I continuously read things
stuff like the stuff above and think that it might be funny stuff ...but...
how can it be funny without an explicit statement of humor such as this:

golly, I sure /love/ those keyboard adapters :)

please. I am left very confused far too often. Dave Pape--I'm talking to
you too. In fact, I think everyone could learn a lesson here today.

Oh, I was going to add some comments on the non-linguistic transmition of
memes (specifically, dancing (raves, anyone?)), but I have several thousand
words to write tonight, so I thought I'd start saving up early. I'll just
have to grace you with my memetic transmitions later.

I said "meme", didn't I...