Re: virus: Mother-Daughter Dating

Martz (
Thu, 20 Feb 1997 21:28:05 +0000

On Wed, 19 Feb 1997, "tom.holz" <> wrote:
>richard wrote this?
>>I never joke. I can't believe you're insulting the whole science of
>>geoneurophysioarchaeology like that. You ought to be ashamed.
>you people. what's a human supposed to do? I continuously read things
>stuff like the stuff above and think that it might be funny stuff ...but...
>how can it be funny without an explicit statement of humor such as this:
>golly, I sure /love/ those keyboard adapters :)
>please. I am left very confused far too often. Dave Pape--I'm talking to
>you too. In fact, I think everyone could learn a lesson here today.

This is a joke, right? Part of humour is delivery. One particularly
effective technique is dead-pan delivery. Smileys defeat the point.


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