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Thu, 20 Feb 1997 13:41:26 GMT

At 02:23 20/02/97 -0800, Tad wrote:

>Can objectivism be compared to memetics? I don't think so. Objectivism is
>a well developed philosophy -- when memetics is a set of half-jokingly
>gathered observations about human interactions and how one can influence

Objectivism: Well-formed; I personally think it's a steaming crock of
gibbon's piss, because it doesn't help me describe what people DO. It's
advice on what they SHOULD DO.

Memetics: Embryonic; I think it lets me explain how human beings
ACTUALLY BEHAVE when they interact with each other. To me, much more rewarding.

>I am sure we still don't know what memetics really is. As we have no clear
>concepts we are still in a stage of adolescent masturbation by "flexing
>meme-space on the fly".

Until we stop arguing about it, we won't know; by this definition, we don't
yet know what matter is, what time is, how perception works, or what the
relationship is between perception and (whatever we mean by) reality.
Because scientists and philosophers still argue about those things.

But as Reed (I think) says, why give a shit? The bottom line is, we get a
buzz from trying to model what we see of the cultural world in memetic
terms, no matter how hopeless we know that endeavour to be, because in doing
so we emerge (hopefully) as more richly tiered and organised memetic
structures (personalities).

>I am really disappointed with Richard and his
>pseudo-jokes, and for that matter, I am also disappointed with those most
>vocal, who have just admitted they have not read "The Virus of the Mind".

Why? This isn't JUST an "is Richard Brodie cool or not?" forum.

>Just masturbating.

Seems like a pretty negative wank, though.

And talking of wankers... Prof. Tim, I am missing a fucking period here, and
you won't mail me! I am going off my head with stress, you're /involved/
with this shit, what's going on?

(NOTE: the List may assume that most of my references to men becoming
pregnant are meant as jokes.)

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