Re: virus: The Greeks would be Geeks

David Rosdeitcher (
20 Feb 97 08:45:39 EST

Tad wrote:
>Can objectivism be compared to memetics? I don't think so. Objectivism is
>a well developed philosophy -- when memetics is a set of half-jokingly
>gathered observations about human interactions and how one can influence
Tad-how can you be so cruel and blurt out the truth like that? Don't you think I
already know that Reed's comment about how Richard Dawkins' work is obsolete but
his effortless spin-off on memes is important is part of this big scam to tell
people that honest effort and individual accomplishment is worthless? Reed, like
most of the others on this list are innocent, even though they are infected.
Don't you have consideration? Would you stop a cocaine addict from snorting coke
cold turkey, or would you ease them out of their addiction slowly? What's the
matter with you, Tad? You're acting like the Polish government banning alcohol.
You damn commie!