Re: virus: Manipulation 101

David Rosdeitcher (
20 Feb 97 09:14:59 EST

Tad arrogantly wrote:
>David R. (without my permission) wrote Lesson 3
>of "Manipulation 101":
>>Lesson #3 Neocheating [...]
>?David, Don't mess around with MY book and go practice your double hyphens.
>Good thinking, though! It must be succinct, something like this:

>Lesson #3

>Hosts, who ever said something positive about you, have to be often reminded
>they SHOULD follow you in everything else:

>>That's when you should look at reprogramming your mind: when
>>people you admire have different positions from you.

Tad, Richard's statement belongs to me, not you! I'm the one who provoked him!

>Hey, this is going to be the best book on manipulation. Richard is such a

Richard is MINE! Both me and Richard were born and raised in good ol USA and I'm
tired of you immigrant foreign boys coming over and taking OUR jobs!