virus: Re: prohuman

Ken Pantheists (
Fri, 21 Feb 1997 03:15:06 -0700

Dave Pape wrote:
Prohuman would be one which... allows the person or group expressing it
advantage over people NOT expressing it, I guess- an anti-human meme
one which puts a person/group at physical/social risk. Pro- and anti-
genes of whoever expresses them, I think is near the bottom line.


So is democracy in China an Anti-human meme?

I agree about all (culturally transmitted) ideas being viral... I
there was this tendency to say "adverts are like viruses, learning to
to kill people are like viruses and these viruses are eating away at our
brains," while playing down the idea that Scientific Method and the idea
beautiful to each other" spread just as virally.

Maybe there has-- I have been ignoring the reading of this list for a
little while-- but I don't think that is the intention.

What stops us is not that we don't
have these aggressive memes, but that memes like "I don't want to be
in reprisal" and "I don't want to go to prison" outcompete them. Also,
our histories of being punished for antisocial behaviours provoke an
unpleasant limbic rush when we think very antisocial things...
the memes active at the time. Maybe? Any Thoughts?

I would hope that you would harbour some kind of meme that recognizes
the social resources of the group of people that you would otherwise gun
down-- Future friends, or loved ones, allies, enemies that are better to
you alive than dead. dot dot dot.

Also-- there's the unpleasant rush of realizing that you become
gun-downable (not necessarily in retribution) once you participate in
the spread of the meme.

  Ken Pantheists