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Ken Pantheists (
Fri, 21 Feb 1997 03:56:21 -0700

Thanks to reed for posting a bit about himself. I thought that was
fairly cool,so I decided to do the same.

Skip ahead if you prefer me as a brain in a jar.

You can visit my homepage-- stuff you won't find of there:
I was born in 1964 in Calgary Alberta Canada--a miniature version of an
American-style midwestern town where lots of beef and potatoes are
consumed daily.

I was never told I was special in anything-- so I went into the theatre
(a survival reflex for the preservation of specialness, I think). In
fact, until I gave college a second try after moving out to the coast
(Vancouver) I thought I was fairly dumb. Life at college put me into a
kind of cultural dissonace with my family-- good working folk, kind
souls but suspicious of education. So, having betrayed my class-- I was
the first in my family (both sides) to finish high school. go to
college, and University, and complete a graduate degree.


Now I am a professional actor (Equity) and have been teaching theatre in
colleges,universities and professional training programs for eight

I write.
I'm very interested in the internet and my computer has unlocked the
graphic artist in me, so I have about as much fun dicking around with
photoshop 3.0 as I would with any video game.
My theatre background has taught me that putting energy into the
development of a "personality" is a pointless task-- it's just one more
character that you have to get right for your critics. And it gets in
the way of your work.
I also believe that consistency is a silly expectation to have.
Looking for hypocrisy is too rewarding a preoccupation to take

So there I am.

  Ken Pantheists