Re: virus: what is level 3?

Wade T. Smith (
Fri, 21 Feb 1997 08:30:15 -0500

>I disagree with this straight 3-level division; I can't imagine how
>something as complex as memetic interaction can divide into 3 neat levels.
>But then, I haven't read his book yet. I'll post on this issue again when I
>have... what're your feelings?
>Dave Pape

As far as it goes, my take on level Trois has always been-

'That's nice.'

Then again, since the human eye can discern hundreds of levels of grey,
it's MHO that segmentation of such ramp-like operations like consciousness
is a vast over-simplification, but a handy model for a quick explanation.

The mind apparently does make, like Gould's evolutionary theories, large
jumps through cognitive space from time to time. (I would argue the
creative act, whatever it is, is just such a jump....)

Only map-makers can use four-colors to segment the world.... As such, I
would have been happier, for continuity's sake, with four levels of
consciousness as a quick map, but 3 (three), is a strong totem with some

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