virus: Do we have a WOW MORRIS here?

Lior Golgher (
Fri, 21 Feb 1997 16:55:36 -0800

I asked:
>Regarding the prior parts of your posts, have you reas Morris' "The
>Human Animal" or atleast "The Human Zoo"?

And Dave replied:
Hey... have you seen the videos? Superb footage of adolescent boys and
girls, after spending years in all-boy and all-girl groups, starting to
interested in each other... really funny. Brother Jim bought me them for
Christmas. Sat through the whole 3 hours. Some of it's kind of old hat,
I think he's taking his conclusions a bit far, but the footage of people
just being people is fantastic.

Best bit's the "bowing to authority" bit, where you see a roomful of
buddhist monks, all dressed the same regardless of rank, BUT the head
on a 1/2 inch raised platform.

And the shot where a 40-year-old pedestrian's been yelling at a younger
motorist, who gets out of his car to get aggressive, and the pedestrian
literally curls up in a ball on the ground to avoid getting beaten up!
I've seen it as a series on TV and missed some of the shows. I guess the
pedestrian was in one of them.
Absolutely fantastic shots!

With which conclusions don't you agree?