Re: virus: Manip 101 Lesson 8

Tadeusz Niwinski (
Fri, 21 Feb 1997 21:14:04 -0800

David R. wrote:
> Lesson 8- Leaving statements by others that are unclear and ambiguous,
alone [...]

Good lesson, hyphens? still one, but you used an extra space, good. Lessons
can be shorter, people are tired, you know.

>It was an ingenious move on the part of certain memeticists to >withdraw
from the battle. What they are implying is that when
>Tad and I, 2 objectivists,

I am *not* an objectivist (after what you have said abut "some" objectivists
you are not one either). I do not like labelling people. The only label I
can bare is "TeTa'n" (and it has nothing to do with Scientology). I came
from planet TeTa (five dimensions away from Earth) with some useful mems and
I virtually live in Anguilla, Caribean ( I haven't written my
memoir yet, but I will one day...

>dominate CoV,

We will not dominate CofV, David. Our memes will. The word "honesty",
"reality", "truth", "responsibility" will (hopefully) come back from exile
when we complete our mission. Some of those words are even back in the
post-communist Poland now, you know.

>it is not because objectivism is outcompeting memetics,
>but because there are these memes called 'inhibitor
>memes' which are blocking the memeticists from
>posting. Very clever!

Who said they were not clever? This is a message to the followers to
withdraw from the battle (can you here that deafening silence from jar
148?). All troops, please withdraw immediately. The area is taken by
enemy! Danger!

Also good test of their loyalty. Will they follow them to Guyana? That's
the first step. They don't want *you* to be around when the drinks are
served, "enjoying the last few sips of the fine wine you had been saving for
this very occasion" -- who said that?! -- hey, those guys are organized,
they have been already preparing for the Guyana party!

Maybe they are just flexing meme-space with the Church of Scientology:
CoV-CoS summit emergency meeting? Who said you were consulting the

Regards, Tadeusz (Tad) Niwinski from planet TeTa (604) 985-4159