Re: virus: The Greeks would be Geeks

David Rosdeitcher (
22 Feb 97 01:35:59 EST

Tad wrote:
>Manipulation 101 Course is intended to be a microscope for various vicious
>viruses spreading in discussion groups on the world wide web ("vvv on www").
>It seems to draw quite an emotional feedback from people whose words are
>used as examples. Please note, that the examples are not personal, no names
>are mentioned. This is intentional according to a good rule "praise a
>person, criticize a behaviour". There is no need for the people who
>recognise their words to defend themselves.

Good point--from no names--just examples and concepts. The specifics might not
be correct.
A question for Tim R: Tim--you claimed you were sick of seeing Manipulation
101. Is that because it is not relevant to you?

Tad wrote:

>Where were we?... Yes, what do you think of the three axioms? Do you agree
>with me that the third axiom seems to be redundant?
>(I don't know why David R. is still not reacting to my question, busy
>fighting, or what?

Tad--I'll give a brief explanation and I'd be curious what the problem is.
Existence deals with the fact that things exist as opposed to not existing. It
IS. Identity deals with IN WHAT FORM that thing exists as. IT is. You exist and
you exist as something. You, like everything else that exists, exist. But, you
have a different identity than everything else. Does this make sense?