Re: virus: Rationality

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Mon, 24 Feb 97 15:38:24 CT

Tad wrote:
>We have a choice of using our manipulative minds to exploit others or to
>uncover the truth about the world we live in. This is what this "battle" is
>all about. A person who brainwashes this group with "the viral nature of
>all ideas" and recognizing them as "dinky little viruses" is not a staw-man.
>His name is Richard Brodie.

Let me see if I understand. Richard Brodie is evil. He only desires to
increase his own profits, by selling his products. He does not study memetics
to increase his own knowledge or that of the people around him. Instead,
he uses memes to build up a coven of followers, so as to further increase
his profits. He does not have the keys to a higher truth, and cannot
guide anyone to an advanced level of thinking. A host such as himself is
nothing more than a festering breeding ground of viral memes, which
profane the very mind-pool that we so love. He should be grasped by the ears,
and stoned to death.

Sign me up.

Corey A. Cook
"Meet two men."
"One of them is a thief."
"The other is the most
powerful man in the