Re: virus: Re: Manipulation 101 Lesson 10

Tadeusz Niwinski (
Mon, 24 Feb 1997 16:08:01 -0800

David McF wrote:
>At 12:19 PM 23/02/97 -0800, Tadeusz Niwinski wrote:
>>Calling all memes "viruses" looses the distinction of building and
>>destroying. Why don't we call memes -- memes?
>Nobody said we should call all memes "viruses". It was suggested that
>all memes are like viruses, not just memes we don't happen to like.

All *genes* are NOT like viruses. A suggestion that "all memes are like
viruses" is as saying that all people are like communists ("well, 'in a
sense' they are, they all share something, sometimes with someone, don't
they?"). I think it is important at CoV to make a distinction and call
memes -- memes.

>>The deadly notion that ALL ideas are "dinky little viruses" is produced only
>>in one temple in Seattle. You can get infected there for only $29 (plus $5
>I think Richard Brodie reserves the term "mind virus" for the effects of
>memes in the real world.

That's his plot: to call all memes viruses. "Effects of memes in the real
world" -- yes, memes effect the real world -- is this a reason to call them

>Did he ever say "dinky little viruses"? If not, why are you quoting it?

Richard would have said in this situation: "I never said anything about
Richard Brodie, did I? Don't put words in my mouth, David."

In fact, I never said the quote was from Richard. The person whom I quoted
(it does not matter who the person was -- people are getting emotional when
they are made responsible for what they say on this list) was recently
"trained" by Richard. I think this is an excellent example of how this kind
of "teaching" is received by innocent followers who learn that ALL ideas are
"dinky little viruses".

>Lesson #11: Quote someone out of context in order to ridicule him:
>>registration fee). Fine cognac and cigars are also offered until the wee
>>hours afterwards (the ad doesn't say if they are included in the price).
>>Ah, life.

David, what *was* the context of this free ad posted in CoV?
*Just* a joke? What message was conveyed? You may, of course say, you
don't know, "ask Richard". I hope you had some idea what the context was
when you accused me of "quoting someone out of context".

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