virus: Manipulation 101 Lesson 10

Reed Konsler (
Mon, 24 Feb 1997 19:29:55 -0500

>The deadly notion that ALL ideas are "dinky little viruses" is produced only
>in one temple in Seattle. You can get infected there for only $29 (plus $5
>registration fee). Fine cognac and cigars are also offered until the wee
>hours afterwards (the ad doesn't say if they are included in the price).
>Ah, life.
>Regards, Tadeusz (Tad) Niwinski from planet TeTa
> (604) 985-4159

Now,Tad, that was a cheap shot. We don't need fancy memetic concepts to
recognize simple immaturity. If you don't agree with Richard you are
welcome to try and express that civily. Just because he out-argues you is
no reason to call him names. That statement above is simple slander.

I think I does this go...oh yes: "that honest effort and
individual accomplishment are meaningless" as an implication. Richard
worked for Bill Gates. Richard has written two books. Richard is richer,
I suspect, than you or I. He is therefore elite...and to take pot shots at
him in this way is just an expression of your own insecurity.

In fact, I have asked a number of people in lab to read that statement and
we all agree that this is an implication. God says so, too. It's so


Reed Konsler