Re: virus: Manipulation 101

David McFadzean (
Tue, 25 Feb 1997 00:29:46 -0700

> From: Tadeusz Niwinski <>
> Date: Monday, February 24, 1997 5:08 PM
> Very clever, David (I hope you don't mind this irony, you get the credit for
> bringing it to my meme-ecology). What you in fact are suggesting here is to
> stop *talking* about parasites.

I would suggest you seek professional help, but I would just end up
as an example in another lesson, correct?

> Will it also be valid with murder, rape, or theft? I am bringing "big"
> examples on purpose, because I want to find out where the border is for
> post-rational Level-3 people.
> May I ask you to answer my question, which preceded the above quote?

If you make an effort to not misinterpret my answer, you will see that
I already did.

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