Re: virus: Re: Manipulation 101 Lesson 10

David McFadzean (
Tue, 25 Feb 1997 00:38:23 -0700

> From: Tadeusz Niwinski <>
> Date: Monday, February 24, 1997 5:08 PM
> All *genes* are NOT like viruses. A suggestion that "all memes are like
> viruses" is as saying that all people are like communists ("well, 'in a

All memes are like viruses in that they spread by infection. Isn't that
the central tenet of memetics (heretics notwithstanding :)?

> >I think Richard Brodie reserves the term "mind virus" for the effects of
> >memes in the real world.
> That's his plot: to call all memes viruses. "Effects of memes in the real
> world" -- yes, memes effect the real world -- is this a reason to call them
> viruses?

Brodie explicitly differentiated memes from their effects, like genotypes
from phenotypes, calling only the latter "mind viruses".

> >Did he ever say "dinky little viruses"? If not, why are you quoting it?
> Richard would have said in this situation: "I never said anything about
> Richard Brodie, did I? Don't put words in my mouth, David."

I really don't think it was a big stretch to assume that your reference
to the Temple in Seattle was about Brodie. But if you say it wasn't I'll
take your word for it.

> >Lesson #11: Quote someone out of context in order to ridicule him:
> >
> >>registration fee). Fine cognac and cigars are also offered until the wee
> >>hours afterwards (the ad doesn't say if they are included in the price).
> >>Ah, life.
> David, what *was* the context of this free ad posted in CoV?
> *Just* a joke? What message was conveyed? You may, of course say, you
> don't know, "ask Richard". I hope you had some idea what the context was
> when you accused me of "quoting someone out of context".

What's this? You don't like being made an example in a manipulation lesson?
Imagine that!

Anyway, to answer your question, Richard's statement was not an ad for
his workshop. He was talking about meeting a fellow list member in person
and hanging out after the seminar. There was no implication that said
activities were part of the workshop.

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